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Simple Web Page Templates

This is just an outdated something I wrote when I was bored long ago.
HTML Resources:

· Six Faces of the Color Cube is a simple visual explanation of the color cube.

· Thinking Hexadecimally is such a useful site for calculating color conversions.

· THE TABLE SAMPLER one of many sites that maps out how to make the simplest tables.

· NCSA's HTML beginner guide and W3C's advanced 'html' are a collected effort of Guidelines for Webmasters to follow on the WWW for today's HTML and yesterday's HTML for all browsers.

· JS-Phrase generator is a page for when you are desperate and really need that particular phrase in your writing.

· Keyboard Converter is a pretty cool tool for all webmasters to use in thier browser, this site is similar to your character map.

· Both of these sites I have had bookmarked for years I think and I hope they never go down
 Acid Fonts   
Basic Templates:

Regular web page

Frame page

Fake Frame page w/a table

Background Image
(is only 20 pixels high)

A good way to spend spare time: KoL
(I love the puns & hiaku references. Note, 'The Kingdom of Loathing' isn't for 18 & under.)